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We replace screens glass at a lower cost.

Damage is covered under the CELL Fix Georgia 100% warranty.

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Be sure that your device will be repaired by an experienced technician.

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We source our parts and glasses from the most reliable and quality factories.

We understand time is important to you. Bring your device to us and get it repaired on the same day.

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How to make sure that your phone screen or glass is damaged?

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How is the warranty in Cell Fix Georgia?

There are two types of warranty in Cell Fix Georgia :

  • 1- During repair:
  • If you have gone to replace the glass of the display screen and the screen is damaged during the repair, we will replace it at no additional cost to you and you will only pay the cost of replacing the glass that was mentioned earlier.
  • 2- Warranty after repair:
  • All phones repaired at Cell Fix Georgia have a 10 day test. warranty.

We are a local company in Tbilisi, which was established in 2017, and before that, we were active in mobile phone repair for 10 years in Iran, and after immigrating to Georgia, we started working in the field of replacing glass iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Samsung . We do. Celfix Georgia is known for its honesty and quality.
Cell Fix Georgia is proud to be the only and first screen glass replacement center in Georgia for the latest and most up-to-date models with a 100% warranty.
Over the years, the CellFix Georgia repair staff has gone through all the steps necessary to replace your damaged device’s glass. CellFix Georgia is the leader in first class customer service with the best prices, free diagnostics, fast turnaround, most repairs take no time at all, pre-certified devices in great condition! Industry leading trained technicians, with all repairs guaranteed.
We are a group of energetic, customer service technicians who have been in the business for over 16 years.
Summary of Cell Fix Georgia’s activity in two main areas:
1- Training from zero to one hundred to change the screen glass of most brands
2- Providing fast services with 100% guarantee to customers
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